sWe are very proud of our stable. Our clean and well maintained facility was built from the ground up and we are committed to making it the safest and most comfortable place for your horse to live and for you to visits 

Large Barn

Indoor Arena

Large Outdoor Arena

Play Ground/Obstacle Course

Mile of trail

​Windbreaks, shelters
24 hour water
Salt and mineral
Daily staff check
Large roomy pastures
First chance at enrolment in all activities/clinics/lessons

A specialised feeding program is also available. Environmentally friendly straw bedding with daily cleaning and an individualised feeding program is part of our full service indoor board. High quality pasture grass in summer; Grass -Alfalfa Hay in the winter. 24-hour access to water and salt/mineral mix. h

Pay Board online


Indoor Board



2x daily feed of beet pulp

 Daily supplement or extra feed administration (when supplied)  

Indoor with group turnout

10 x 10 box stall 

Turn out in a herd situation on 10 acre pasture This is with 3 to 8 other horses

$451.50 per month plus GST

Outdoor Board



Herd environment Full use of arenas and lounge Lockable tack box in heated tack room

Easy access to horse in the evening Roomy stalls in a brightly lit barn Full use of arenas and lounge Lockable tack box in heated tack room First chance at enrollment in all activities/clinics/lessons Environmentally friendly straw bedding, cleaned daily High quality square bale hay

 $346 per month plus GST   

Retirement Board


Looking for a safe and loving place for your horse when he is not long able to keep up with you. We offer a retirement home for well loved partners. Lots of love and daily attention, we send videos and photos to keep in contact when you cant make it out. the Retirement board , no facility use, just a beautiful paddock with great companions to hang out with, supervised, and well fed.

250. per month

Part Board


Want your own riding partner, but the the cost of buying one. Try out Part boarding, 3 more hours per week of riding time

$125.00 plus GST

Horse Transport


We offer professional transport within Manitoba,

call us for availability

$1.25per KM

Saddle fitting


Having issues, let us take a look. Professional Saddle fitter 20yrs experience.

125. plus GST